EFLTips & Brieflets

Having easy access to a brief leaflet suggesting quick tips about more effectively managing common work and life situations is invaluable. It is important to me that Enhance Facilitation Limited lives up to its values of contributing to the pursuit of Quality Relationships, Meaningful Work and Inner Harmony.

I have therefore developed a series of two-page EFL Brieflets providing an overview of ideas and tips about how to engage with a number of (largely) work-related subjects which you, a colleague, or friend of yours I hope will find useful.  For those people wanting more immediate, practical and easy to follow steps to enhance their skills in managing everyday demands, you may also find the one-page EFL Tips useful.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to talk about any of the EFL Brieflets or EFL Tips, or if you have some plans emerging to which you think I can contribute.

Self-care is important.  If your experience of psychological pain is persisting or problematic or you would like further support, please make sure to contact me or your local health centre.

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