On-Tap Coaching©

On-Tap Coaching©1 is specifically designed for pro-active organisations wanting to offer brief and focused one-off coaching opportunities to their staff on site. It is a unique coaching approach to enhancing professionals’ abilities to engage effectively with the constant emotional and cognitive pressures of working in today’s high demand and high risk environments.

The On-Tap Coaching© model is informed by Sam Farmer’s professional background as a Coaching Psychologist and by his extensive experience in leadership coaching. It is also strongly influenced by his significant involvement as a psychosocial consultant and coach in the humanitarian field – where high risk and rapid, high stakes decisions are regular features of the working context.

Distinctive features of On-Tap Coaching©

  • Open to all staff, at all levels2
  • Coaching Psychologist on-site for four to eight hours
  • Skilfully structured one-off, half-hour- to hour-long, individual coaching meetings
  • Adaptive to a wide range and depth of Coachee needs and contexts
  • Facilitated by a Coaching Psychologist skilled in traversing topics relating to:
    o Leadership
    o Communication & Diversity
    o Balancing Stress & Stretch
  • Balances responsiveness to immediacy with a focus on outcomes
  • Coachee expected to have an idea of their coaching goal prior to On-Tap Coaching©
  • Bespoke review & reporting arrangements (subject to Confidentiality limits)

Benefits of On-Tap Coaching©

  • Contributes to your organisation’s culture and reputation for attracting and retaining the best workforce and investing in their wellbeing
  • In-the-moment, highly context-relevant, learning
  • Enhances staff ability to communicate effectively and engage with challenging conversations
  • Reinforces confidence and better management of self-doubt
  • Clearer purpose and messaging from leaders
  • Enhanced resilience via better prioritisation and lifestyle- and stress-management
  • Staff take greater responsibility for own learning and career development
  • An excellent value, better-focused, alternative to related generic workshops

On-Tap Coaching© is very popular with both organisational sponsors and with employees. Call me to talk about how we can adapt the On-Tap Coaching© model to work with your organisation’s particular context and maximise coaching your staff in “real-time”.

1 © Copyright, Sam Farmer, Enhance Facilitation Limited. 11 December 2017

2 On-Tap Coaching© is costed according to the number of delivery hours, not the Coachees’ organisational levels. E.g., whilst the content may be different, the costs of an On-Tap Coaching© meeting for a first-jobber or a CEO are the same.

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