Recommended Fellows

Below is a list of diverse and incredibly capable professionals.  I have selected them because I know them well, have worked with them and fully trust in their professional integrity.  I have absolute confidence in their ability to deliver to the needs of the clients who work with them.

If you find that I am not quite the right fit for you, or you are looking for a different skill set to the one that I can offer you, I would strongly recommend any one of my colleagues below.  All of them are my highly Recommended Fellows.


Matt Williams

Director & Lead Facilitator of Better Training (Christchurch)

Teacher (BTcLn; NCALNE (Voc))
Facilitator (MINT)
Programme developer

Matt is a creative problem-solver.  He is a specialist in training design and delivery for companies and dedicated to producing excellent results.  He is also an experienced training facilitator and coach who has spent thousands of hours training a wide variety of groups and individuals from all walks of life.  Matt has worked for a variety of public and private organisations within the areas of behaviour change and change management, motivational interviewing, effective leadership and management, health and safety, culture and communication, conflict management and resolution, and emotional intelligence.

I have known Matt for nearly a decade.  We have co-facilitated numerous forensic-related, motivational interviewing, and staff training programmes throughout Aotearoa.

Phone: +64 21 1071 270

Email: [email protected]



Munira Haidermota

Director of Munira Haidermota Psychological Services (Auckland)

Registered Clinical Psychologist; Registered Neuropsychologist
Fitness for Work Assessment Provider
ACC Registered

Munira possesses in-depth knowledge in areas of psychometrics, assessments, counselling and therapy. She collaborates with her clients to identify and explore the issues that they would like to address. Goals and time frames are regularly assessed and reviewed as part of the therapeutic process. Treatment protocols and practice are guided by the latest research, current developments and best practice in Psychological Assessment and Therapy.

I’ve known Munira for over five years.  Our shared focus is about supporting client psychosocial growth.

Phone: +64 21 101 6768

Email: [email protected]



Dr Paul Wood

Doctor of Psychology, Director of Paul (Wellington)


Paul works with people who believe in the pursuit of excellence.  Following the mantra of “Better Never Stops”, he focuses on those who are prepared to get out of their comfort zone to grow.  His promise is that by engaging his services, clients will be able to mobilize themselves and others to tackle tough challenges and flourish.

I have known Paul both personally and professionally for nearly a decade.  At various times we have been to each other: peer supervisors; trainers; referees; contractors; co-facilitators; wise counsel.

Phone: +64 21 972 976

Email: [email protected]



Rob Paramo

Director of Robert Paramo Psychology Ltd (Wellington)

Registered Psychologist
Facilitator and Trainer

Rob originally trained as a Forensic Psychologist, and holds experience and expertise in psychological assessment and treatment. He now works across a range of contexts focusing on trauma, wellbeing, general personal and professional development and support and supervision of Clinicians. He retains some forensic practice but enjoys a wider focus of working for a range of private, government and NGO clients. He enjoys the challenge of assisting others grow and reach their potential in work, personal and recovery contexts.

I have known Rob for a couple of years.  He and I received similar training in the UK and have co-facilitated forensic staff training programmes in Victoria, Australia.  We share a similar outlook in relation to promoting the importance and integrity of professional supervision.

Phone: +64 21 0613 615

Email: [email protected]



Sanna Malinen

Associate Professor, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, University of Canterbury (Christchurch)

Work psychology expert (PhD Psychology; MSc Applied Psychology)

Sanna is an organisational behaviour expert, specialising in workplace wellbeing, engagement and resilience. She has worked with public, private and third sector organisations to build more positive, constructive organisations and workplaces through positive leadership. Improving individual, team and organisational resilience are also her key areas. Sanna takes an evidence-based, pragmatic approach to leadership and organisation development, which is strongly embedded in psychological science tailored to individual needs and context.

I have known Sanna for about a decade.  She is a regular source of professional wisdom, knowledge and advice.  We were amongst the leading co-founders of the Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group in Aotearoa in 2009.

Phone. 027 282 5570

Email: [email protected]


Toni Snelgrove

Director of Snelgrove Associates Ltd (Auckland)

Executive Coach (Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation)
Transformational Workshop Facilitator
Thought-provoking Speaker
(previously Registered Psychologist for 26 years)

Toni is a passionate advocate of people ‘being the best they can be’ during unprecedented change. She coaches middle and senior level executives to carve out their own authentic path ‘for the mutual good’ of all stakeholders.

“During demanding times, [Toni] helped me embrace the complexity of change. She fluidly combines development techniques with behavioural psychology to unleash the corporate athlete in us. I can’t thank her enough for her services” David Benattar, now Chief Sustainability Officer, The Warehouse Group.

I have known Toni for over a decade: firstly as my professional supervisor; then as a professional colleague and associate, mentor and trusted confidant.  We were amongst the leading co-founders of the Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group in Aotearoa in 2009.

Phone: +64 27 474 0158

Email: [email protected]