Aotearoa/ New Zealand is a beautiful country, admired and envied around the world for its friendliness and open nature.  What is less well-known is that it also has one of the highest reported rates of domestic violence in the OECD.  Sam Farmer and Enhance Facilitation Limited are therefore very staunch supporters of the work of Shine.

Shine is a national charity that runs a domestic violence helpline and two refuges for women and their young children.  It also provides specialist front line services to help people who are experiencing domestic violence, to help them leave or to support them to be safer.  In addition – and just as important – Shine works with the perpetrators to help them change their patterns of violent behaviour.  Services like Shine’s are therefore vital in reducing (and hopefully one day eliminating) the high rates of domestic violence that our country experiences.

Sam has been a very proud Shine supporter for many years – even before he established Enhance Facilitation Limited, in 2008.  Having originally trained as a Forensic Psychologist, he is very conscious of the circumstances and contexts in which domestic violence occurs, how it is perpetuated and the deep and enduring impact it has upon all those involved.  The need for skilled and determined intervention, support, advocacy and education is therefore absolutely essential.  For this reason, Sam and Enhance Facilitation Limited have prioritised Shine as the agency it supports to fulfil these invaluable and indispensable roles that make such a positive difference to vulnerable families and our community – particularly during times of social and natural upheaval, such as earthquakes and pandemic.

More information about Shine

  • Website
  • National Helpline – 0508 744 633 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year)
  • If in danger – call 111. If it’s not safe to speak, push 55 and you’ll be put straight through to Police
  • Training Programmes for your Community Professionals, from entry to advanced level knowledge and skills, ensuring currency and relevance

DVFREE – providing workplaces where staff and customers can feel that your organisation has a meaningful understanding of how to make it safe to talk about domestic violence and can provide information about specialist services and support