Coaching occurs within a safe, structured and confidential environment where the Coach: utilises insightful reflections and questions carefully to challenge the Coachee; and works alongside them to identify and achieve what is important to them.  Effective coaching increases the capacity of clients to engage with their challenges and create a better platform for growth (adapted from Bachkirova, 2022).

Whether looking for a clearer strategy, improved relationships, a sustainable (including work) lifestyle balance, creative insights or simply a more purposeful direction, Sam works alongside Coachees to build confidence and wisdom in taking and implementing decisions that are accountable and consistent with their values.  His Coaching Model includes: a written contract that explains the Coaching Process (normally six, hour-long, meetings); specifies and works towards the Coaching goals; and prioritises the Coachee’s confidentiality and psychological safety.

Sam works with clients both in-person and remotely.  As well as providing individual coaching, he designs and facilitates: bespoke team development programmes; workshops; Coach Training; Adaptive Manager Programmes ©; On-Tap Coaching ©; Action Learning Groups for CEOs and other Senior Leaders.

Working with Sam has been fantastically valuable for me, personally and professionally and I’d strongly recommend him to anyone seeking greater self-awareness, perspective, and focus in their working life.
Principal Advisor, national advocacy agency


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