Providing a confidential space for you to:
    – feel psychologically safe and affirmed;
    – be challenged and encouraged;
    – plan ways to manage change in ways that work for you;
    – continue working and living in line with what is most important to you
       and those around you

Enhance Facilitation Limited (estd 2009) works with Next Generation Leaders and those professionals and teams experiencing change within demanding, high emotional impact, and often time-poor, contexts.  Clients feel valued as they clarify, refine and galvanise their pursuit of what is important to them.  In addition, their’ values and strengths are exercised to sustain their psychological acuity for optimal and meaningful work.

Sam Farmer, Director of Enhance Facilitation Limited, believes that leadership is a team responsibility, where each person plays a part in eliciting, encouraging and engaging the expertise of every stakeholder. Depending upon the nature of the work, clients come from a wide range of sectors: from state to non-government; from charitable to commercial. As well as designing and facilitating  flexible and structured bespoke coaching programmes for individuals and teams, Sam provides professional supervision and psychosocial support.

Sam is a top-quality coach and facilitator whose insight into others allows him to effectively foster learning and development regardless of level and experience. His keen mind and diligence make him my “go to guy” when it comes to SME design and delivery of leadership and more general development programmes and workshops.


Sam Farmer

Registered Psychologist
(NZPB 90-02190)

Enhance Facilitation Ltd


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