Adaptive Manager Programme©

Adaptive Manager Programme©* through Virtual Group Coaching

Adaptive Managers are those who have the courage and flexibility to engage with – and lead their teams through – the challenges and opportunities of constant change.

The Adaptive Manager Programme (AMP) is a virtual, four-session, group coaching programme for six participants.  It focuses upon the fundamental elements of a coaching approach to leadership:

    1.      Purposeful conversations: A coaching model   
    2.      Engaging with conflict and challenging conversations  
    3.      Prioritisation: Self, Team, Organisation   
    4.      Building Brand and Impact

AMP is the ideal professional development opportunity for the next generation of high potential Adaptive Managers and leaders who:

  • Work in organisations that recognise that their culture, and reputation for attracting and retaining the best workforce, is reflected in how their staff are led
  • Understand that a coaching approach is a core element of leadership
  • Are open to participating in a group with other Adaptive Managers (who might be from their own or other organisations)
  • Are seeking to: enhance the clarity of their purpose and communication; and affirm their confidence as values-led leaders
  • Can afford 6½ hours to participate in a facilitated virtual group peer-coaching environment which is psychologically safe, challenging and confidential
  • Are forward-looking, open to new ideas and to flexing their skills further in order to engage the best of themselves and their teams

For those Adaptive Managers and leaders who are seeking a more specific level of purpose, focus and reflection, individual meetings are also available.  In addition, Sam provides Group Supervision for Internal Coaches.

*  © Sam Farmer, Enhance Facilitation Limited, 7 July 2020.

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