Psychosocial Support

Sam Farmer, Owner-Director of Enhance Facilitation Limited, has considerable experience of working with, and supporting professionals operating within, high emotional impact contexts such as law enforcement, secure and emergency settings and, particularly, humanitarian situations. He appreciates the emotional strength of individuals choosing to work in these environments, where personal and team resilience is severely tested, and rapid and deeply consequential decision-making impacts the safety of those around them.

Sam has worked in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Christchurch (post-earthquake), Haiti, Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. He provides psychological, consultant, training and coaching support to professionals and leaders working in these contexts. Clients have included Air NZ, Fred Hollows Foundation (NZ), JetConnectMandalaMédecins Sans Frontières (Holland)NZ Department of CorrectionsTearFund (NZ).

What is psychosocial support?

Psychosocial support involves enabling individuals to enhance their resilience through using personal coping strategies as well as re-connecting them with the community supports around them. Often this involves the provision of Psychological First Aid, which includes providing both practical and emotional assistance to people shortly after a critical incident.

Able to meet in situ (including overseas) or by remote access (e.g. phone/ Skype), Sam works quickly to build trust and rapport before facilitating a safe discussion for clients to re-resource themselves to return to their work or home setting, as appropriate. He is well-practised in providing personally relevant and practical techniques, even where time is limited to one-off individual or group meetings. Strategies include the use of Acceptance and Commitment Training, mindfulness, visualization and graded exposure techniques, as well as optimising the people and facilities available.

Sam offers:

◊ Briefing, assessment and preparation.  A Psychosocial Assessment and Support (PAS) Programme – including formal psychological assessment, reports and ongoing support – is available for organisations that value the importance of a structured process to enhance staff’s aspirations to be the best that they can be.

Strengthening Wellbeing Programmes and Workshops are adapted to your staff needs in enhancing their ability to anticipate, recognise, prevent and/or effectively manage  stress

◊ Onsite leadership coaching, training and psychosocial support, as well as incident response and Psychological First Aid

◊ Team development

◊ Debriefing, assessment and re-calibration

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