Action Learning Groups

I have found working with Sam excellent. His facilitation and exploration of more in-depth issues that face you as a CEO have been amazing and I would recommend him and his group without reservation. Gilli Sinclair, CEO, Cerebral Palsy Society

I have found [Sam’s] careful leadership and facilitation extremely helpful to me. He structures the sessions so that we come ready to contribute with topics prepared.  He challenges our thinking and provides a safe environment for everyone to be open and share with each other.  I would recommend Sam Farmer to others who are seeking thoughtful, challenging facilitation leading to clear results. Pam Elgar, CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Sam Farmer facilitates Action Learning Groups (ALG) for leaders and other professionals who value the concept of peer-learning.

An ALG is a structured learning context that provides opportunities for participants to:

◊  Share a confidential, reflective space to discuss priority issues

◊  Broaden and deepen approaches, mind-sets, strategies and skills to engage
with specific and current work-related challenges

◊  Enhance their confidence in trusting their own judgement and values to grow
the objectives of their work

◊  Learn from diverse peers and perspectives

◊  Feel less isolated in their role and offload some of its stresses

◊  Gain additional tools, models, articles and suggestions

ALGs for Leaders in particular offer participants the opportunity to:

◊  Gain respected, experience-based, knowledge and wisdom about
organisational leadership in the current context

◊  Develop a well-informed strategic focus

◊  Become more reflective, thoughtful leaders through a well-facilitated ‘space’
to consider shared challenges, issues and opportunities

◊  Connect with other Leaders from different and similar organisations, with
the potential to develop shared initiatives

As an excellent, value-for-money and in-the-moment professional development opportunity, ALG participants’ organisations also benefit directly from the process.

Current ALG Projects

Sam facilitates Action Learning Groups for CEOs of large NGOs based in Auckland, as well as for other organisational leaders.

Leaders wanting to attend Action Learning Groups based in Wellington are referred to Trish Hall (Thought Partners).