About Sam

Sam is an engaging facilitator who ensures that participants have equal access to the floor, remain on track and leave sessions he conducts with a sense of accomplishment. He sets boundaries but allows you to seek different routes to the outcome without you feeling that you are being directed or restricted in your participation. A very humble and humane person who wants to bring out the best in everyone while ensuring that the group objectives are met. A professional blend of discipline and humanity. Would thoroughly recommend Sam as a coach or facilitator. Robyn Kiddle – Chief Executive Child Cancer Foundation

Sam Farmer, the Owner and Director of Enhance Facilitation Limited, emigrated to New Zealand in 2000, having gained his Masters in Forensic and Legal Psychology from Leicester University, in the United Kingdom. He has held supervisory, training and managerial roles in both Corrections and Health settings, which have helped him to establish an applied and comprehensive understanding of what engages and builds staff commitment.

Sam is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. He also co-founded, and was the first Chair of, the New Zealand Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group .

He is a Registered Psychologist and has provided written commentary, and public presentations at conferences in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, on topics related to his key areas of interest: Coaching Psychology, Psychosocial Support, Professional Supervision.

Sam’s passion is to expand the horizons of his learning. He has travelled to over 70 countries, contributing significantly to the ease with which he engages with and facilitates the development of his own and others’ preparedness to “look over the edge and have faith in the next step”. He continues to stretch the boundaries of his knowledge in order to sustain both his own enthusiasm for individual growth as well as that of his clients. Currently, he is exploring ways to develop the network of professionals, based in New Zealand, who are involved in humanitarian work.

Other areas of life where Sam remains a learner include parenting, playing, physical exercise and mindfulness.

What clients say about Sam

“Sam is an accomplished workplace consultant who has recently accepted a role in training and consulting in fitness for work. He has an energetic delivery style that participants warm to and his preparation ensures that he can cope with the diverse range of questions. His competencies cover fatigue management, alcohol and other drug management, supervisor development in fitness for work and mental health at work.”

– Matt Beattie, MD, BSSNZ

Sam Farmer is a highly trusted and respected Associate of the New Zealand Coaching Mentoring Centre. Sam has provided exceptional coaching and supervision services to a variety of leaders on our behalf. Sam has been actively involved in helping to develop the profession of Coaching and Coaching Psychology in New Zealand and he will be an asset to your group in any capacity.

– Loretta Brown, Director and Lead Coach, NZ Coaching Mentoring Centre

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